Traditional types of meat for Kazakhstan domestic market:
We do process the beef meat, the horse meat, camel meat, the lamb/mutton and the chicken meat.

Our types of meat product:

• national meat gastronomy - deli meats, smoked deli products
• sausages, sausage products
• frozen dumpling food as Russian pelmeni, Kazakh manti or Ukrainian varenyky (similar to well known an Italian ravioli and tortellini)
• frozen convenience foods as Tefteli (well known as Kofta among the all types of meatball)
• minced meat
• canned food

National meat gastronomy:
We produce various horse deli meats as Kazy - it is a horse meat sausage which produced from horse flesh ribs meat and is formed in a casing traditionally made from the horse intestine. For the Kazy production we use only natural ingridients as black pepper and garlic.
The handmade Kazy can be smoked or hung to dry for a week at a sun-lit placed exposed to wind. Usually the Kazy is produced with the following composition of the horse meat to the horse fat as: 80% of meat and 20% of fat.
The Shuzhuk – it is also a horse meat sausage with same way of production as the Kazy but using meat from forequarters and hindquarters parts of carcass without adding any fat. This type of sausage can be made with using as horse intestines and so beef intestines.
Other popular meat dishes are the Zhal and the Zhaya. The Zhal is smoked lard from horse's neck. The Zhaya is salted and smoked meat from horse's hip and hind leg.
Horse deli meat is not only high in nutrition also good in taste. Horse deli meat is the main festive meat. These deli meats can be served as a tray of assorted lunch meats or can be used for the preparation of delicious appetizers, salads, etc.


Sausages, sausage products: 
Sausages and sausage products are the most popular meat products among Kazakhstani consumers. The sausage products as Frankfurters and Wieners are almost always fried in oil, served for any meal, particularly breakfast or lunch.

A sausage is an elongated shape or a cylindrical meat product usually made from minced or ground meat, often pork, horse, beef or veal along with salt, spices, seasonings and other flavourings with a skin around it. Typically, a sausage is formed in a casing traditionally made from animal intestine , but sometimes from synthetic materials.

Our range of sausages products includes:
• Boiled sausage
• Sausage boiled and smoked
• Semi-smoked sausage
• Sausages, Wieners
• Beef and Chicken meat ham, fresh
• Zelts
• Liver pate

Potted meat food product:
Potted meat food product is a food, made using a method of food preservation and canning. It consists of cooked meat product, seasoned, often puréed, minced, or ground, which is heat processed and sealed into cans. Canned meat is meat product with long shelf life. Canned meat can be produced from all of the types of raw meats. We do use various meats, such as beef, horse and lamb.
A method of food preservation and canning make it suitable for emergency food supplies, and for military and camping uses, for trekking and expeditions, when the fresh meat and meat products are not available.

Our range of canned meat and meat porridges:
• Canned Horse meat stew
• Canned Lamb meat stew
• Canned Beef stew
• Millet with beef meat
• Rice with beef meat
• Barley with beef meat
• Buckwheat with beef meat